How uniform clothing creates school spirit

Schools are where children get their first chance to really have a look at the outside world away from all the influences they've grown up with. It provides an opportunity to look at life in another way and the uniformity of schools, with set times for lessons, breaks, and lunch etc., ties in nicely with school uniforms. This is the brand of the school that we should all wear with pride as we are all part of the school team. With this in mind, it comes down to the simple process of working together for the maximum results for any school and this mindset to create the perfect school pride.

all about pride KWhere real school pride comes from and why?

The way we present an image which is why school uniforms are so important and create that school spirit. These lessons often need to be learned as quickly as possible because as we move forward in life there will be any situations, such as work, where we have to comply with many formalities often found in society. The jacket, the tie, and the shirt might not be the latest fashion statement, but this is school and it's a not just a place to learn. That's where the focus should be and not on who's wearing the latest designer labels! Schools that do not adhere to a uniform code have the lowest test score results, and produce the lowest level of achievers that society see’s so often. Aside from that, a classroom full of designer labels can be a distraction for those learning to focus. When we put on our uniforms we are saying that we are part of something important. We have an identity and we are proud to be part of our school. We are unique, our school is unique, and so is our uniform. Yes, and as many will know that many of those children will be wearing the same uniform -that's whom they represent in their quest for knowledge and higher education. That's the special club we belong to right now. We have to show respect for our club and our club will respect us.

Call it whatever you want- it’s all about pride!

We're all in it together with a program that should happen to be about doing the best for each other. However- Bullying is another factor to consider. Many children, in non-uniform schools, will skip school on a regular basis for the fear of being bullied. Bringing back a school uniform might be a way to reduce those low numbers. Dressing in a correct manner, for whatever the occasion happens to be, is something we need to think consciously about. This only happens when we put this mindset back into the learning principal as soon as possible, and looking the part is so important to young influenced minds. It's how we are judged by other people who don't know us that it first establishes any kind of school spirit and pride. Teachers along with pupils can remain positive from their point of view related to how standardized attire generates schools' characters and creates an overall better educational atmosphere with more respect. Being smart is but one part of the reason for school attire when we arrive at school, yet it is the one of the strongest reasons that helps build character that will last a lifetime.