The origin of the Thunderstick

Thunderstick GDo you ever wonder how would you feel being in the world of the hammer-wielding thunder God Thor? If you are a superhero buff, you would even want to be him in the first place. Years back citizens of the neighboring sport loving planet Earth ending up creating something similar to it which gives you the same kind of power Thor would have but, in a sports auditorium or sports stadium full of crowd cheering for their favorite team. Thundersticks is that weapon we use on Earth that creates the same kind of sound and spirit for sports buffs. The origin of Thundersticks can be traced back to its invention by BalloonStix Korea after which it was first used at an LG Twins baseball game back in 1994. This tool lets you literally steal the thunder at any sports tournament!

Initially made out of polyethene, these sticks are long tubes in which air is blown using a straw. Wondering why it is used when you could just clap your way into the game is yet further part of the mystery? This tube bent into a V shape makes noise which is 10 times louder than a clap. This literally suits the ear piercing sound of Thor's hammer doesn't it? Thundersticks was picked up instantly by the crowd owing back to that it’s quite a novelty, but had a major drawback since the straws used to blow them up made a pile of non- disposable garbage. Most people do not know that South Korean people are truly polite and very recycle conscious. This tool has created its own niche and becomes exponentially popular for baseball, basketball and football games.

The evolution of this tool continued further in the year 2001 as another Korean firm called Napes developed it into advanced sticks taking inspiration from pool tubes. The best part was that this advancement in the thundersticks had completely eliminated the drawback of its previous version as it did not require straws to inflate it. It needed air pumps for which air pumps stations were installed at the sports stadium which increased its efficiency and utility. This made its popularity increase more and more Further in the year 2002, these advanced thundersticks were introduced to the Major League Baseball by the Anaheim Angels, home of the American League Champion Angels. These modified thundersticks were adored by fans and guess what? They became the best souvenir of the 2002 World Series. Now you can see these thundersticks utilized in various occasions not just related to sports but also related to politics where large crowds gather during political rallies or some kind of protests to keep the crowd in order These sticks are everywhere and it is said that in a sports stadium when a crowd of 40 thousand or more are cheering your team the sound of the thundersticks actually sounds like ear piercing thunder.

Now, that you know the history of this iconic sports accessory it would make its use even more interesting! Go ahead and steal the thunder for your favorite team with thundersticks!